1. New Ecospiritual Renaissance is a cultural movement and an expression of opinion. It is nonpolitical and has no party or confessional affiliations, but is inspired by the philosophy of Ecospirituality proposed by Giancarlo Barbadoro. The term Ecospirituality means that relationship between an individual and the environment which arises from the realisation of an inner experience of free, individual contact with Nature, unconditioned by any preconceived idea or ideological bond that may restrict it.
  2. We consider that the development of an inner experience cannot involve prophets, Masters of revealed truths or any other intermediaries attempting to impose themselves in place of the personal experience of the individual.
  3. Man does not hold absolute dominion over Creation. The time has come for anthropocentrism, whereby everything in the universe is created for the needs of humans, to be replaced by an anti-specist, biocentric approach.
  4. Knowledge has to be free, with no preconceptions or contamination from partial ideologies. We want to colour the world with a culture that has no ideological boundaries, exchange new ideas with each other, look up to the stars and investigate the universe and beyond.
  5. We intend to promote free, impartial research, in order to develop a culture of new knowledge, uniting science with spirituality, while not giving preference to any one field over others.
  6. We support the exchange of experiences between anyone who accepts dialogue with ways of thinking different from their own, while completely respecting all ideas that do not undermine anyone else’s freedom.
  7. We propose the study and safeguarding of ancient traditions, to understand and preserve our link with the cultural roots of humanity, which can give a sense of continuity and universal values to each individual.
  8. We consider spirituality to be a form of free, personal research and that it should be defended and protected as such.
  9. Animals, other species and the plant kingdom are all children of Mother Earth, just as humans are, and should therefore be respected as such.
  10. It is not acceptable to exploit animals, by reducing them to slavery on intensive farms, by humiliating them in circuses, by shutting them up in zoos, by using them as prey for hunting or by torturing them in laboratories.
  11. Our planet has to be protected and respected. Nature gives us our life, feeds us and provides us with everything we need to live.
  12. Mother Earth is not just green fields and forests, but can be looked on as the depositary of a great cosmic mystery. Nature is our only true Mother, who helps us to grow as individuals, by means of her constant stimuli and continual teaching.